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Adults Are Useless: Pretty much.

Amazon Brigade: The four main characters (including Emim and Zachary).

Animesque: It may not look anime-ish, but the expressions are.

Annoying Younger Sibling : Mimi, especially to her older sister, Skylar when she has nothing better to do.

Baby Of The Bunch: Mimi is the youngest in the cast.

Berserk Button:

  • Oriana will go out of her way to brutally kill anyone who eats her Oreos.
  • Same goes with Mimi whenever somebody eats her candy, as Skylar learned this the hard way.

Black Bead Eyes: The chibi versions of the characters have this.

Blush Sticker: All of the characters have this.

Boyish Short Hair: The four main characters have this:

  • Oriana and Skylar have short hair with side-swept bangs that resemble an emo cut.
  • Kagan has short, scruffy short hair which is similar to that of Gogo Tomago's.
  • Mimi has short hair which resembles a bob cut.


  • Kagan.
  • Skylar unfortunately has to deal with her younger sister, Mimi's bullshit on a daily basis.

Cat Smile:

  • Skylar's bunny slippers have this.
  • Mimi often smiles like this as well.

Cloudcuckoolander: Oriana.

Comedically Cross-Eyed: Oriana does this because she thinks it's funny.

Cool Big Sis: At some occasions, Skylar can be overprotective with Mimi.

Cool Mask:

  • Kagan when she's wearing her facemask.
  • Zachary's masquerade mask.

Creepy Monotone: Skylar's voice.

Cute, but Cacophonic: The characters, especially Oriana have a tendency to screech demonically.

Cute Little Fangs: Everyone has at least one fang on the left side of their teeth.

Cute Sounds Squeaky:

  • Mimi's voice.
  • Kagan's voice, but slightly less high-pitched.


Early Installment Weirdness : 

  • ​​​​​​Oriana used to be a Mary Sue .
  • Back in 2014, way before Emim was created, there was a prototype version of her named 'Mima'.
  • Skylar used to not be depressed.
  • Skylar and Mimi had slightly different appearances when they were first created. From having stickfigures on their shirts to having only one black glove instead of fingerless gloves.
  • Kagan used to have the same hairstyle as Oriana and Skylar, but she was slightly altered due to her looking too similar to Miss Oro herself. Giving her a paper crown and short scruffy light-brown hair.
  • Oriana was originally going to be named "Skylar", but this was scrapped due to her being named after her creator.

Elective Mute: Emim is able to talk, but chooses not to (for obvious reasons).

Embarrassing Nickname:

  • One of Oriana's nicknames, 'Carafa' means stupid. Although she doesn't really care that much.
  • Skylar was once nicknamed 'Disappointment'. Like Oriana, she doesn't care much about it.
Emotionless Girl: Skylar.

Kagan opening one eye, proving that she does have eyes.

Everyone Hates Mimes: "WHY DON'T YOU EVER SPEAK?!?!!!" said by a random person to Emim.

Eyes Always Shut : Kagan, although she does open her eyes on certain occasions. 

Eyelid Pull Taunt: Mimi often does this. 

Fingerless Gloves: Skylar and Mimi both have these types of gloves.

Fun With Acronyms: If you tried making an acronym out of Kagan, Mimi, and Skylar's names, you would get KMS. Standing for 'kill myself'.

Girly Girl With A Tomboy Streak: The main cast.

Genki Girl: Mimi most of the time.

Hair Decorations: All of the characters have at least one.

Hand-Hiding Sleeves: Uni wears a long-sleeved shirt that fully covers her hands.

Heavy Sleeper: Skylar. Not even "wakey wakey eggs 'n bakey" can wake her up.

Lazy Bum: Skylar.

Lethally Stupid: Oriana accidentally got Skylar killed, all because she wanted to play a game of the floor is lava.

Mary Sue: Roku, though she is a character created to mock the stereotypical Mary Sue.

No Antagonist: Mostly.

Non Sequitur: Oriana has six cool sayings.

Not A Morning Person: Skylar.

Perpetual Frowner: Skylar really doesn't smile that much.

Series Mascot: Oriana.

Sibling Team: Skylar and Mimi.

Sibling Yin-Yang: Personality-wise, Skylar and Mimi are complete opposites.

Stage Magician: Zachary.

Sweet Tooth: Again, Mimi. No wonder she's so hyperactive.

Tagalong Kid: Mimi is often seen with her older sister, Skylar.

Talking To Himself: A majority, if not, all of the characters are voiced by the same person.

Trademark Favorite Food: Oriana likes Oreos, Kagan likes strawberry milk, Skylar likes ramen, and Mimi likes candy.

The Ditz: Oriana.

The One Guy: So far, Zachary is the only male character.

The Stoic: Skylar is often portrayed with having a nonchalant expression, as well as speaking in a slightly monotonous voice.

When She Smiles : Skylar isn't used to smiling, but when she does, her younger sister goes apeshit.

Wingding Eyes: Considering the creator watched a bit too much anime.

World Of Weirdness: The Land Of Carafu.

Youthful Freckles: Again, Oriana.