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Skylar and Mimi are siblings who look like two cute sisters, but rather act very unusual and absurd.

They also happen to have polar-opposite personalities. With one being lethargic and laid-back, while the other being hyperactive and slightly psychotic.

Not to mention, having contrasting pitches of voice.

The two consist of Skylar and Mimi (obviously).

Early Development Edit

Skylar and mimi by lalakun0123-da6vlux

Skylar and Mimi's very early designs.

Back in early 2016, when Lalakun0123 first got her own PS4 and LittleBigPlanet 3 was included with it. She made a costume in the game that resembled a prototype version of Skylar. The costume also appears in a video called Teaching My Cousin How To Play LBP3........ Around June 2016, the creator decided to draw and remake the costume that was on the PS4 onto LittleBigPlanet 2, along with creating Mimi the same day. They both had slightly different designs than the ones they currently have. Both having only one black glove on their left hand with a blue glowing light on the palm, Skylar's shirt containing a stick figure with a bow on her head and Mimi's containing a stick figure crying over ice cream she has dropped, as well as Mimi being much shorter than Skylar. There was a trailer made about the two on LBP2 and uploaded to YouTube, but later fell into obscurity. In September 2016, Skylar and Mimi were both permanently redesigned, especially with the shirts and gloves. Replacing the stick figure Skylar's shirt has with "Meh...", and the stick figure crying over the dropped ice cream on Mimi's shirt with "Ultimate Edge Queen". Giving them both fingerless black gloves with purple and hot pink glowing lights on the palm of their right hands, Skylar was still carefree, but she became melancholic. Mimi's height was also changed to be way taller than she originally was, but still shorter than Skylar.

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My OCs- Skylar and Mimi in a nutshell

My OCs- Skylar and Mimi in a nutshell


  • The two make a cameo in the OddBall Adventures short 'Sky Tram', seen riding on the coffee cups. 
    20181130 174215

    Skylar looks like she's having fun.

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