Four gals and one guy with shading

Introduction to Lalakun0123 OCs Wiki

Welcome to the Land Of Carafu! We hope you hate it here!

Here you will learn the deep "lore" behind the hellspawn demons known as the OCs of Lalakun0123/Oriana Hernandez!

"You'd think girls always go to the mall and complain about nonsensical shit on Tumblr. Well, from worshipping ramen to getting shot for using a fidget spinner, Oriana, Kagan, Skylar, and Mimi aren't your average group of girls. They may look adorable, but don't get fooled by their looks. Once you witness the regular pastime of these girls, don't say I didn't warn you."

Meet The Army!

No dineroKagSky4Mimii

OrianaThe zany and naive one whom you shouldn't question.

KaganThe thoughtful and voice of reason for the group.

SkylarThe worn out and lethargic being who doesn't turn her frown upside-down that often.

MimiThe excitable and somewhat psychotic little sister of Skylar.




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